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4.9 mm cell size means that on a 33.7 x 19.5 cm foundation according to this table there are 3160 cells on one side. So 6320 cells per frame.

With a cell size of 5.3 mm this is 2700 x 2 = 5400 cells. At 5.4 mm this is 2602 x 2 = 5204 cells.

920 extra cells per frame, therefore, at 4.9 mm cell size versus 5.3 mm. At 5.4 mm this differs 1116 cells.

When using 2 closing frames, we have as many frames as in a standard 'Spaarkast' hive. So also 10. But 10 x 920 or 10 x 1116 extra cells. It is clear that this also contributes to a more compact breeding nest.

We have to deduct 6% per frame. The corner that we cut from each sheet for the development of drone cells. So many drones should contain a hive in the season.

A standard 'Spaarkast' hive with a box with 10 frames therefore has about 59,000 worker cells. In 11 frames even 65,000 worker cells. 


 Foundation 'Spaarkast' hive new cell geometry    


 IMG 20181106 121525   A small cell bee colony can therefore easily be kept on one box. Depending on the source of food, can be expanded with one or two low honey boxes in the summer.