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Powdered sugar can be made from granulated sugar with a coffee grinder


As long as the bee colonies do not yet exhibit VSH behavior, i.e. regulate the varroa themselves, we help them get rid of the surplus varroa mites by means of the powder sugar method.

150 gr powdered sugar per tray with bees ('Spaarkast' hive).

The bees don't like this, but don't suffer from it. This method can be repeated as often as one wants, until the varo pressure is within limits.



Chicken wing


Shake the powdered sugar as much as possible between the frames. Wipe what's on the frames with a feather (or chicken wing or goose wing) between the frames.

A sweeper makes the bees aggressive (so don't use them).

After 10 to 15 minutes the varroa drawer (slider) can be removed and the mites counted. If few mites fall, nothing else needs to happen. For many mites, reapply after 2 days, until the number of mites is minimized.