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Homemade construction frame 'Spaarkast'with mini-plus frame


To transfer a bee population with small bees from mini-plus to the Simplex(Spaarkast) hive, we use "homemade frames". In a 6/7 Simplex(Spaarkast) hive or a Simplex(Spaarkast) hive with partly 4.9 mm frames, we hang over mini-plus frames through a homemade frame.



A swarm of a bee population with small bees can of course be placed immediately on a Simplex(Spaarkast) hive with 4.9 mm foundation.



7 ramer2xmini   

A second (better) method is placing, in this case a double mini-plus with bee population, on a 6/7-Simplex  hive by means of a deck board with a hole  of a mini-plus size. After (partially) extending the frames in the 6/7 Simplex(spaarkast) hive, the queen, if not already there, is moved downwards and a queen excluder comes between the 6/7 Simplex(Spaarkast) hive and the mini-plusses. After the spawning in the mini-plusses, these are removed.


Upper tray mini-plus repaired after damage in winter by presumably a green woodpecker. A piece of pond net can prevent this.