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Simple portable
Simpele draagbaar  

A simple portable (based on an idea by Bep Posthumus from Veenendaal) for transporting any hive.

Material: 2 sturdy (broom) stems 1.5 m long, diameter 29 mm (or more) and 2 pieces of lashing tape of 1 m by 25 mm.

The distance between the broom handles is 73 cm. Make sure that the loops on the ends of the lashing straps are properly stitched.


Hive tool    
extra kastbeitel  

Hive tool, very suitable for mini-plus frames. Made from a shelf carrier.

buigen in bankschroef = bend in vice, slijpen = grinding, afzagen = sawing off

Drill jigs    

Provide several frame slats with holes with the help of a drill stand and these drill molds.

Glue jig    
Lijmmal raampjes  

Glue jig for 'Spaarkast' frames.

Keep the feeder clean

Keeping the bottom of the feeder (underside) as clean as possible is easy. Place a sheet of plastic on the hive (frames). Folded back 7 cm on one side. Note: the feeder  with the holes must be positioned correctly.

Clean the feeder (interior) with warm water after use (not with a stiff brush).

 Making a sugar solution

A simple way to make a sugar solution using a jerry can (5L) and a suitable funnel.

Place the funnel, fill with 3 kg of granulated sugar, add 2 liters of hot water from the tap, close and shake vigorously. Shake again after 1 hour and again after cooling.

Solution is ready and can go to the bees.

broedstoof 1  

Limited in height, but several honey chamber frames or the like can be placed next to each other.

broedstoof 2  

Converted 6-frame hive box for up to 3 frames with 24 nicot protective cells each.